Common questions (FAQ)

We will answer your most common questions here. If you don't find the answer to what you're wondering about, please contact us by using the form to the right.
How do you choose which events to be recommended to me?

The events shown on the DoToday main page chosen by us at DoToday because they are particularly interesting or happen to be the latest hip thing. The events that are recommended directly to you are chosen by our Taste engine (which matches events from other persons with simular interests as you). This is done strictly neutrally, we don't let any arrangers or organizers buy their way in to your recommendations.

I’ve heard you send out recommendations by SMS and email. How does this work?

If you want tips and recommendations by SMS and/ or email, you can arrange your settings on your DoToday homepage. If your settings say so, you will get recommendations from us that goes along your liking. We will find out what you like if you give various events grades and reviews. The recommendations you'll receive can come from either us at DoToday or an organizer of an event. Organizers have the opportunity to send out SMS or emails to those who wish so (and only those who really do), and to those which the event suits.

So, if I set my settings to receive recommendations by SMS and email, will I get a lot of spam?

No, absolutely not! With the Taste engine we really do try to match the recommendations to what you really are in to. We will not send out more SMSs or emails than you've said is acceptable.

Are you going to hand out my personal data, e.g. email, to an organizer?

No, your personal settings and data stays with us.

How does this "Taste engine" actually work?

When you choose your interests and give grades and reviews on different events, that gives us an idea what kind of stuff you're in to. We thereby give you recommendations on events that other people with similar interests have given good grades.