Pie & Sallad

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Wraps & salad
Café at Wadman Street
Evas Paley
Large cafe centrally located on the Avenue
Le Pain Francais
French café at Engelbrektsgatan
Organic coffee at Fredsgatan Kungsportsplatsen
Cappuccino kafé
Stort kaffeställe vid Kungsportsplatsen
Kafé Zenit
Majornakafé vid Allmänna vägen
Café Tintin
Have a coffee at Linnégatan
Fika och lunch på Kungsgatan
Condeco Linnégatan
Cafe with great outdoor seating
Cafe Vanilla
Lovely courtyard in the middle of town!
The coffee shop with the town's biggest buns in Ha..
Franks Coffe
Snack & lunch at Korsvägen
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