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Café Grindstugan
Cafe and bar in the beautiful environment.
Åseby Västergård
Cafe & Crafts Workshop Säve near airport
Two Little Birds
Cafe and Gallery at Andra Långgatan
Bertilssons Stuga
Café close to Delsjön
Baker Boys
More than a sandwich shop!
Opera Bakery & Cafe
Bakverk och fika vid Linnégatan
Ljungberg's Cafe
Cafe at the North River Bank
Café by Wadmansgatan
Wraps & salad
Café at Wadman Street
Book café in Sannegårdshamnen
Steinbrenner & Nyberg
Cafe and bakery at Järntorget
Fors café
Lunch and refreshments in Mölndal City Museum
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