Restaurant Hipp

Restaurant Hipp

Restaurant Hipp Lunch at Kalendegatan

Malmö, Kalendegatan 12
Phone number
040 97 40 30
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Lunch at Kalendegatan
An innovative kitchen whose goal is to offer well-prepared food with good, Skåne raw materials to a human price! The menu is seasonal, where local ingredients are the focus. Lunch is served weekdays between 11:30 and 14:00. You can every day choose from vegetarian, meat and fish. The lunch includes


After work

After work

After Work on Friday Free buffet served!

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Hipp on Fridays

Every Friday 23:30 to 03:00 at Hipp. Member Club.


Saturdays at Hipp

The Schlager have created a real foothold at Restaurant Hipp's fashionable rooms. The idea is to create a convivial atmosphere every Saturday for those over 25 who likes Schlager!

The basic idea is quite simple! Staff who likes pop concept, popular music artists who visit us and beha..


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