History Museum

History Museum

History Museum 10 million items about our history

Stockholm, Narvavägen 13-17 T Karlaplan
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10 million items about our history
History Museum is one of Sweden's largest museums. The collections consist of archaeological objects from the geographical area now known as Sweden. The collections also consists of Swedish church art. The items come from all over the country and every age. There are about 10 million objects in the


Massakern vid muren


Historiska museet

The Vikings are perhaps best known as brutal robbers. Many pictures and stories today about how they traveled around the world and scared the life out of people with their horned helmets. This is not the true story of the Vikings.
Farmers and traders

The people who lived in Scandinavia ..

Swedish History

History of Sweden

An exhibition covering a thousand years of Swedish history from the 11th century to the present day. History of Sweden offers a new perspective on power and the exercising of power, highlights the influence of women, tells the story of minority groups and much more besides.

The History of S..

Ancient Times

History Museum


Welcome to the National Historical Museum's Prehistories exhibition.

Here history is made up of many different stories. Find out about eight different life stories from prehistory. These people lived in the Stone Age, the Bronze Age or the Iron Age.



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