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Adelsö-Munsö församling
Skarpaby playground
Bandy, skateboarding and barbecue!
Playground with animals and toys
For young people at Medborgarplatsen
Backen parklek
Playground with staff in Östberga
Brödkaveln parklek
Playground with ice rink and bicycles in Bagarmoss..
Erikslund parklek
Big availability adapted playground in Tensta
Fyrens öppna förskola
Free activities for children and parents
Kronis parklek
Activities and playground for everyone in Kronober..
Björns trädgård
Playground at Medborgarplatsen on Södermalm
Parkleken Draken
Playground and open preschool
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Kids & Family guides

Jullovspyssel Skarpnäcks library
Children's activities in Stockholm
Fun for children this fall.
Jullovspyssel Skarpnäcks library Painting workshop for children Luma library Chinese lantern festival Silver rain in East Asian Film Screening Östermalms Library (3-5 years)
Midsummer Sjöängen, Sjöängsbadet i Trångsund
Midsummer in Stockholm
Här kan du fira med dans, lekar, midsommarstång och goda vänners lag i år!
Midsummer Sjöängen, Sjöängsbadet i Trångsund Midsummer Hågelbyparken Midsummer Vitabergsparken Midsummer Bruket i Järfälla
Fall Break Livrustkammaren
Fall Break
Fun things to do for children and young people during this week!
Fall Break Livrustkammaren Crafts Workshop for Children Natural History French Tuesdays French Tuesdays Adventures in Egypt Medelhavsmuseet

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