Pontus Luxurious and well thought through at

Stockholm, Brunnsgatan 1
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08-545 273 00
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Luxurious and well thought through at Brunnsgatan
A few steps down a stripped-down concrete stairs you will find the restaurant's warm beating heart. You'll find a variety of styles and moods, and whoever you are, you're sure to find your favorite table. Choose between a place in the center, where you see and will be seen, or a more secluded option


Pontus bar

New York-atmosphere at Brunnsgatan

The graphic black and white stripped gives both the New York-esteem and much leeway for food and drink to take their due place.

On the one hand, a cocktail bar where the bartender's love for liquid ingredients Muddle, sieved and shaken. 'This is not a job, it is a passion&#..


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