National Sports Museum

National Sports Museum

Photo: Niklas Bergquist, National Sports Museum

Stockholm, Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 26
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08 - 699 60 10
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About Swedish sports
National Sports Museum portrays Swedish sport from ancient times to today. In the museum you can visit our showrooms: Sports & Culture, Sports events, Sports History, Jackpot or Jackass and Marathon. OPEN Tuesday-Friday 12-17 Saturday-Sunday 11-17 National Sports Museum is closed New Year's Day,


Sports History

Exhibition at Riksidrottsmuseet

The exhibition opened in June 2007 and will continue until further notice.

Sports History presents the overall Swedish sports history. It begins with a flashback to the people of Gotland games such as parks and warping. We tell of Per Henrik Ling, Swedish gymnastics before we get into the ..

National Sports Museum

Jackpot or Jackass - What player type are you?

Photo: Niklas Berquist The exhibition "Jackpot or Jackass - What player type are you?" presented winners and losers, Faith, Game Devil and Chance. We encourage users to reflect on their own attitudes to gambling. Free admission.

Sports & Culture


Photo: Niklas Bergquist

Sports & Culture opened in June 2007 and is one of Riksidrottsmuseet's three permanent exhibitions.

The exhibition gives an example of how sport and culture influence each other. How depicted sport and athletes in art? What makes us the requi..


Exhibition at Riksidrottsmuseet

Given that the year 2010 is 2500 years since the battle of Marathon and the mythical first marathon, wants National Sports Museum in cooperation with the Greek Embassy in Stockholm attention anniversary. The exhibition, which is produced by the Greek Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Culture, pre..


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