Skansen Animals, nature and culture for the whole

Stockholm, Djurgårdsslätten 49-51
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Animals, nature and culture for the whole family
At Skansen you can experience concerts, singing, dancing, children's activities, domestic and wild animals, beautiful parks and gardens, houses and farms with stories from life in the old days. Skansen Aquarium is located inside Skansen area and is much more than just fish and coral reefs. We have


Play at Skansen

Lill-Skansen, Ekorrparken, Dala Horses, Päronparken!

At Skansen's more fun playgrounds for our younger visitors. Come and climb, jump, run and play all you strength! At Balder Lunden is sow with her piglets. There is a sculpture in concrete and the specificity of this particular sculpture is that it is there for children to play on it. So up and ..


Pet the animals at Skansen

The Children’s Zoo - Lill-Skansen - has been the children's favourite since 1955. A brand new Lill-Skansen opened March 31. It is a place where children can get to know animals and nature all year round.

Thanks to a sponsorship agreement between Skansen and Stockhol..


Stockholm's Skansen Glassworks

Stockholm Glassworks sells utility glass, decorative glass and art glass in its own design. Everything is manufactured in the foundry which is located next door.

The Glass factory, run by Karin Hammar, also do commissioned work and the special Skansen crackled glass manufactured since 1933..

Pony ride


Pony rides for the kids

Pony rides will cost 40 - and based on Hällestadstapeln.


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